Tuesday, September 27, 2011


here are the three parts of the compiler. when i say compiler, this generally groups all three parts together, but sometimes it helps to think that the compiler is made of multiple parts.

preprocessor: basically an editor to the program that responds to "preprocessing directives." these are lines that begin with a hash mark (#) . it can edit a program, but has barely any knowledge of C so it can quite easily create wrong programs.

compiler: this is the part that actually has knowledge of C. it takes what you write and converts it into Assembly language - a lower-level language. its final output is called object code (.obj in windows)

linker: this combines all your object code into an executable program

this is what you'll need:
a computer
a C compiler on that computer (IDE preferred)

for the C compiler, i recommend Microsoft Visual C/C++ Express. its free and its an IDE, which basically means that its very easy and quick to edit, debug, or run the program.